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E15 cable managment

by Pia Kirchler | January 23, 2017

E15 did some brainstorming on cable management and the output is truly exciting! The first ideas were shown during IMM Cologne last week, the first big furniture fair of 2017

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Adventcalendar #24

by Anna Trubrig | December 27, 2016

#24 means christmas is finally happening! merry christmas to everybody!
our last door opens: "innsane" stool made by #artisan. the designers made this to take good use of left over wood from furniture production

Christmas is coming closer...

by Anna Trubrig | December 23, 2016


Now that Christmas is right around the corner and we only have one more door to open in our adventcalendar, we thought it was time to reveal the winners of our hearts (jk the winners of our raffles)

Our facebook friend @Sara won the DGWH Cups and @ombrenyc from instagram the penis! the presents are on their way...

We wish everybody the happiest of holidays!

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