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Collection 822: A Bentwood Furniture Evolution
TON introduces the exciting 822 collection by the architecture and design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune. 

“The original designs of the A811 and 811 are great examples of the early modernist movement. But they clearly show the heritage of 19th century romanticism. We decided to remove this feeling,” stated Mårten Claesson, one of the trio of designers. “It is quite natural to work on something from the past and update it for our time. And, as architects, we work on many projects where we have to deal with renovating old buildings and implementing the original architecture in a new way and this is quite a similar task,” adds Eero Koivisto.

The idea for the 822 collection was originally conceived on the basis of studio Claesson Koivisto Rune’s desire to create a limited-edition series for the interior of a new family restaurant in the former Norwegian stock exchange building. They approached TON with their idea, a variation on a classic model, which TON liked so much that they decided to make an expanded, mass-produced collection. “Many iconic designs from history were initially produced for some specific architecture project. I think it is actually much better to design a product for some specific project, because you think about it differently. The case of chair 822 is no different. We designed it to last generations, because the client in Norway is a family who has been running hotels for four generations. The chairs will probably be in that space in 40, even 60 years’ time. The context affects our approach too,” Eero Koivisto explained.

Collection 822 combines the use of shaped plywood and manually bent solid wood. “Bentwood chair design is closely connected to the technology and limitations of bending. And we like these limitations,” stated Mårten Claesson. The exclusive use of beechwood for manual bending is also one of the specifications. The natural character of bent beechwood can be retained, or it can be finished with stains or pigment colors. The products are made from wood certified by PEFC, a system focusing on responsible approaches to forest ecosystems and on expanding them.


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