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German-Colombian design brand ames introduces Amazonia, a new collection of furniture and home accessories created in collaboration with Italian designer Cristina Celestino.
For her first collaboration with ames, Celestino studied the traditional palm weave ornaments that can be found in Atlántico, a region in northern Colombia.


The elegant Victorias side tables feature a circular frame and
V-shaped gap in the tabletops edge, inspired by large leaves of the tropical water lily Victoria Amazonica.
The high-gloss side tables are available in three different sizes and four color combinations. The two larger models can be turned into a pouf with a fitted cushion. 

Levi Seating Objects

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The LEVI Seating Object is a utopia. The organic and idealized shape is reminiscent of the sketch of a cloud-like body as we encounter it in a daydream.
In combination or as a free-standing solitaire, LEVI Sofa, Lounge Chair & Pouf become places of yearning in every room.... more info here


X Chair by Objekte unserer Tage

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The X-CHAIR sets new standards in terms of sustainability; Made entirely from recycled material, fairly produced and fully traceable in the production cycle.The X-CHAIR in matt black breaks the light, once it touches the smooth surface. A monument that works both as a statement in the living area and defies wind and weather outside.


BEST OF IMM 2020 #1

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The IMM Fair in Cologne, the first interior show of the year, is already in the books and we want to share our highlights with you.

The Mono table by Sanktjohanser is a delicate and at the same time highly stable table made of Fenix and now available with an oval table top.

The Unisono bed combines comfort and lightness. The new design is characterized by a shelf that runs around the bed, as well as the slim recessed round legs.

Metrum is Sanktjohanser's newest made to measure cabinet and storage system. Slender side walls with recessed handles rhythmize the fronts and shape Metrum’s appearance. Metrum will serve you as a room divider, sideboard, highboard, cupboard or built-in wardrobe.

Richard Lampert once again joined forces with designer Alexander Seifried and released the bed Stockholm and the Milla High Table.
Stockholm is inspired by one of Seifried’s earlier designs and features the characteristic slanted head and footboard. It comes in various sizes and offers optional storage.

Milla High Table 1100 extends the Milla family with a standing desk featuring a variety of tabletops options. The Milla High Table 1100 makes for a perfect furniture for work environments – at home or in the office. 

The Logs coat hanger is the first collaboration between bentwood manufacturer TON and design studio Büro Famos. TON’s own wood offcuts were not only the inspiration, but Logs is made from the recycled material. Things can be thrown away, or happily reused.




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The Pressed Chair has been a highlight in the Moormann collection since 2011. From February the chair will be available in 4 new colors with the sounding names “Greenhorn”, “Blue Collar”, “Friesian Yellow” and “Not White”.