CM05 HABIBI -  Sale

CM05 HABIBI - Sale

Manufacturer  E15
Designer  Philipp Mainzer

Reminiscent of ornately detailed oriental tea services, CM05 HABIBI as a tray or side table is a precious piece offering elegant possibilities for combination. The tray CM05 HABIBI in combination with the base CM06 made from solid material can be used as an independent side table with generous diameters and optional heights available in polished brass, copper, and stainless steel. Each piece is entirely unique, handmade, and truly valuable offering versatile use as the tray can be removed from the base and used as such on its own. Untreated by chemicals, natural oxidation processes create a beautiful patina over time, unless interrupted by applying conventional metal polishes.

W 14.5" x D 14.5" x H 18.5"

Powder-coated aluminum, jet black

Floor item, 1 piece available 

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