Ripple Light
Ripple Light
Ripple Light
Ripple Light

Ripple Light

Manufacturer Lobmeyr
Designer Poeticlab

Ripple is a moving light piece that expresses the beauty of the material glass, celebrating the process of it’s making. Each Ripple set contains a large rotating projection dome and a smaller light dome ensconcing the light source. A focused beam of light projects from the lighting dome through both walls of the mouth-blown, unevenly shaped and gently rotating projection dome. This creates a play of shadow and light in an ever changing, moving ripple pattern – beauty that goes beyond the material itself. Ripple is available in large and medium size and various surface finishes.

Projecting Dome D 14.6" x H 20.1" + Lighting Dome H 9.8"
Projecting Dome D 11.8" x H 15.7" + Lighting Dome H  9.8"

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$10,767.00 - $11,839.00