Fliegenbein SL
Fliegenbein SL

Fliegenbein SL

Manufacturer Kalmar Werkstaetten
Designer Garth Roberts

The Fliegenbein SL Standing Lamp is the most recent addition to the Fliegenbein family, expanding the character and functional applications of the range. The new luminaire revises the proportions of the original Fliegenbein BL, with a truncated overall height and an elongated shade. The effect is of a lantern: the design’s signature bent legs now peek out from under a silken pleated expanse that emits intimate, diffuse light. By pairing a modest size with bold visual gesture, Fliegenbein SL makes an inviting companion to an armchair or lounge. Its tubular steel may be finished in light and dark gray or brown matte lacquer, and the electrical cord is wheat-colored.

D 11.6" x H 45.3"

Shade: pleated silk
Frame: metal tube, brown, dark gray, light gray

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