Wiener Stutzen
Wiener Stutzen

Wiener Stutzen

Manufacturer Lobmeyr
Designer Tino Valentinitsch

“Wiener Stutzen” combines the features of the classic dimpled beer mug with handle and the plain tall beer tumbler. As such, the glass reacts to the revival of small beer gardens and pubs in Vienna while remaining suitable for a more elegant environment.
Vienna-based designer Tino Valentinitsch worked with Aldo Cibic in Milan and
designed for Koziol early in his career. After working for renowned agency Pandicio Co. in New York, he has specialized in luxury product and brand design. Besides the 0.5-litre “Wiener Stutzen” there is also a 0.3-litre “Wiener Seiterl” version available.
optic beer tumbler

3" x H 7.3" / 0.5L 
D 2.4" x H 6.2" / 0.3L 
D 2" x H 4.7" / 0.125L 

Mouth blown lead free crystal

Lead time 2 - 4 weeks 

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