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Back to Fire Fire Pit
Back to Fire Fire Pit

Back to Fire Fire Pit

Manufacturer Egoé
Designer Studio Pelcl

There has been so much written about the magic of fire throughout the history of mankind that there is simply no need to repeat any of it. Nevertheless, it is quite certain that a flickering flame makes everything better in a way.
Feel free to enjoy the grills and the fireplaces from the brand new back to fire series which has been created by the brilliant designer Jiří Pelcl.
You can grill, cook, roast or simply just warm your palms above the fire… Like we said, fire somehow makes everything better. The fireplaces and grills are made out of steel with a fire-resistant colour finish. The legs of the grills as well as the shelves and the stacking area are made out of tropical wood or locust wood and the grid of the grill is made out of stainless steel. The pot set consists of a steel tripod, a cast iron kettle and enamel lid.

Fire Pit
L 23.2" x W 23.2" x H 12.2" 
D 24" x H 12"

Pot Set
L 21.7" x D 21.7" x  H 13.4" 
L 24.4" x D 24.4" x H 13.4"

Fire Pit: steel structure with refractory coating finish, stainless steel grate
Pot Set: steel frame, cast iron pot, enamel lid with wooden handle 

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$838.00 - $912.00