Vago Bean Bag
Vago Bean Bag
Vago Bean Bag
Vago Bean Bag
Vago Bean Bag

Vago Bean Bag

Manufacturer Egoé
Designer Egoé

These are not your average bean bag chairs. They can be used for any outdoor activity, and in any weather conditions - whether for work, play or even sit-ups! They are encased in a special fabric called Kortexin, which can take just about anything. Use them to make a tower, shape them into a chair or jump from one to the other. But be careful - the grass is lava! The best way to use them, however, is to stretch out in peace and relish the deep blue sky. Vago bean bag chairs come in many sizes and colors, all with elegant trim around the circumference. For a start, you can try the 9- or 30-liter bags. Or, for those who want a little more volume, we've even got 250- and 350-liter bags.

L 63” x W 55.1”
L 47.2” x  W 55.1”
L 47.2” x H 39.4”
L 27.6”x W 27.6”
L 17.7” x W 17.7”

Filling: PP beans
Cover: nonwoven fabric and outdoor water-repellent fabric

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