SH05 ARIE - Sale
SH05 ARIE - Sale
SH05 ARIE - Sale
SH05 ARIE - Sale

SH05 ARIE - Sale


Manufacturer  E15
Designer  Arik Levy

The design concept makes a multitude of seamless combinations with itself possible without apparent visual repetitions. SH05 ARIE works either as a singular element, as a shelving wall in a straight line, as an elegant corner solution with seamless docking points from both in and outside with its equal length and depth, or in combination with the sideboard height. Invisible structural elements of the shelf enable it to be used as a freestanding room divider or as a traditional against-the-wall unit.


L 47.3" x D 13.3" x H 31.4"

CPL coated white

Floor item, 1 piece available, signs of usage 

Available for pick up NYC

Download Datasheet