Z / 03 Holzzentralfusstisch
Z / 03 Holzzentralfusstisch

Z / 03 Holzzentralfusstisch

Manufacturer Schindlersalmerón
Designer Schindlersalmerón and Martin Bereuter 

Holzzentralfusstisch (wood-central-foot-table) - a German compound word if ever there was one! 

Tables serve a wide variety of purposes, in a wide variety of settings, and for a wide variety of users. That is why schindlersalmerón not only designed a table with fixed dimensions but a system for building tables that allows them to adapt the geometry of the foot to the desired size and length.

The central base allows for maximum legroom. The design of the wooden foot makes the table as stable as a steel base table, but easier to move and position, and flexible to adapt to different sizes of tabletops.

L 29.5“ – 98.4“ x W 29.5" x H 29.5"
Custom sizes on request

Frame: solid ash wood
Tabletop: veneered plywood, with solid wood edge 
other tabletops on request 

Download Datasheet

$3,420.00 - $4,484.00