Manufacturer Augarten
Designer Ronald Jaklitsch 

After eighteen months of hard technical and design work with mo°sound, Augarten is proud to present you with the one-of-a-kind porcelain loudspeaker. Every single form and design decision that came into play for this original creation was meticulously studied and analyzed in order to bring you an aesthetic modern looking speaker with pure acoustic quality.

The spherical shape was carefully crafted and chosen to reflect sound waves in their purest way, as the absence of parallel walls on the inside of the sphere allowed the sound waves to bounce freely without the constraints. Moreover, porcelain presented itself as the perfect medium for a speaker. Indeed, it was simultaneously hard, had the potential to be shaped into a hollow sphere and its properties reduced vibrations to a minimum. Placed on a vibration-reducing stand, the speakers have the potential to be rotated and positioned at will to create the optimal sound you wish to enjoy.

We hope that you’ll enjoy their beat

D 9" 


Lead time 4 - 8 weeks