Champagne Bowl White with Viennese Rose and Gold

Champagne Bowl White with Viennese Rose and Gold

Manufacturer Augarten

King Louis XVI of France originally commissioned a porcelain bowl to be made in the shape of the breast of his wife Queen Marie-Antoinette to drink milk from. The Augarten Porcelain Manufactory has developed the champagne bowls based on this story

The fragile champagne bowl is a must for every friend of excellent sparkling wines and exquisite designs. As a symbol of extravagant taste, the polished gold decor impresses not only with its elegant appearance but also underlines the shine of the bowls. Augarten uses the highest quality gold for this, the drinks remain refreshingly cool, and the shape of the champagne bowl offers a completely new, sensual drinking experience.

D 3.5" x H 2" 

Porcelain, hand painted
Outside color: white with Viennese rose
Inside decor: gold, matt, or glossy

Lead time 2 - 5 weeks