Thread X
Thread X
Thread X
Thread X

Thread X

Manufacturer Coordination Berlin

Designer Flip Sellin

“Thread Family” is a set of small height-adjustable furniture pieces. The newest addition to the family are the Thread X trestles.

By combining traditional craft and contemporary design ‘Thread X’ turned out to be a piece of product design capturing the zeitgeist without superfluous detail. With ‘Thread X’ we are introducing the new color ‘coal’, which will also add tone of black to the Thread Family color palette.The other members of the Thread family are a Small Stool, Bistro Table, High Stool and High Table.

W 23.6" x D 14.6" - 16.1" x H 26.8" - 29.5"

American Walnut, Stainless Steel, Polymer
Colors: Sun, Mint, Slate, Grass, Plaster, Creamberry
Custom colors available

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