LT01 SEAM ONE - Sale

LT01 SEAM ONE - Sale

Manufacturer  E15
Designer  Mark Holmes

This light object is a modern reinterpretation of a classical table light. The number of components has been reduced to the essentials. The casing is made of three firmly bonded components of folded sheet aluminium. The surface is powder-coated and available in a range of colours. Incandescent lamps (maximum 100 w) can be used, it is not fitted with a dimmer. Depending of the country this light can be ordered with electrical wiring and matching sockets for Europe (E27), UK (E27) or USA (E26). A diffuser set above the bulb ensures an even spread of light. 

W 11.9" x D 7.9" x H 15.8"

Powder coated aluminium, sulfur yellow
Floor item

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