The Knight L5

The Knight L5

Manufacturer Lobmeyr
Designer Marco Dessi

This chandelier is part of Marco Dessí´s The Knight, a modular line revolving around a simple geometric element of spun brass or copper cones.
The idea is to perfect the individual cone and add multiples to create an endless variety of shapes and layouts.
Each element is fit with a custom made dynamic white LED-element and can dim from 2000K candle light to 4000K daylight via a Bluetooth™ controller and a mobile app. The round fixtures are broken into two circuits: one shining up, one down. Both circuits can be controlled separately making it a perfect tool to create a multitude of lighting scenarios making it the perfect tool for lighting designers.
Beside LEDs other elements such as speakers or smart home technology can be integrated into the fixture making it the first smart chandelier of Lobmeyr.
Beside the technological innovation Lobmeyr brings to bear its century-long experience in metal working fashioning the individual cones in countless custom finishes and surface treatment. From brushed nickel to hammer-stroke and fire gilding. 

L 27.6" x D 8.7" x H 21.7"

Brass, various finishes
5 LEDs, max. 75 W

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