Paravent P01
Paravent P01

Paravent P01

Manufacturer Schindlersalmerón

Privacy, and aesthetics, the screen can be used for different needs.

The screen consists of three frames made of Swiss oak and can be stored folded up. When decorating the wooden frames with the PVC cords, we were inspired by the textile weaving technique. The overlapping of the cords in different directions and colors creates a depth effect that gives the screen its special appeal. The hinges and cross struts made of brass create a beautiful interplay of different materials. We are happy to produce the screen in the colors of your choice.

He is stable enough to put him individually in the room. If even more stability is desired, it can easily be fixed in the ground with ground sleeves. Thus, it is also very suitable for retirement homes, cafeterias or offices.

The screen was developed in close cooperation with Embru-Werke AG. With this Swiss production partner, we can draw on many years of experience in the winding of plastic cords.

L 70.9" x H 59.1"

Frame: solid oak
Hinge: brass
Laces: PVC white and grey

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