PY/06 Playscapes
PY/06 Playscapes

PY/06 Playscapes

Manufacturer Schindlersalmerón

Can you release a product made of plastic in 2022? schindlersalmerón have asked themselves that question and thought about it long and often, but for the product they had in mind – colorful, light, durable, made of one piece, there was no way around plastic.
They decided on recycled polypropylene (PP), the second most used standard plastic and is also recyclable.
The selected color mixtures of the PP granules clearly show the recycling history of the material. The playscapes are recognizable as plastic, but their value is also reminiscent of natural stone.

W 30.5" x D 31.5 x H 11.8"

100 % recycled and recyclable PP

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