Eikon Circus Peacock
Eikon Circus Peacock
Eikon Circus Peacock

Eikon Circus Peacock

Manufacturer Schneid
Designer Julia Jessen and Niklas Jessen

Eikon Circus is the latest addition to the Eikon Family and of all versions it has the strongest association to the classic industrial light. Eikon Circus is an ideal go-between the different shapes of the Eikon Basic and Eikon Shell, with its medium size it is a perfect complementation of the Eikon collection. The shape of the shade evokes memories of a traditional circus tent. An impression, which is enhanced by the elegant and harmonious coloring with 'Pale Rose', 'Peacock' and 'Burgundy', bringing back elements of nostalgia. Due to its clear lines and the combination of a metal shade with the warm wooden materiality of the base, the light has a modern, contemporary expression which is characteristic of the Eikon Collection.

D 15.7" x H 13.8"

Shade: powder coated steel, peacock

Socket: ash, oak, walnut
Cord: smooth creme

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Lead time 3 - 4 Weeks