DER VORSTAND: A New Space for New Times

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When the professional slips into the private sphere, then a VORSTAND – an executive board – is needed to maintain order at home. It creates space when you need it, frees up space where you need it. Otherwise, it retreats elegantly into the background. Closed, the stature of a slender wall cabinet, DER VORSTAND unfolds with a single pull into a multifunctional think tank. The fold-out ceiling creates a sense of space, it affords light and connects the essentials: the back wall mounted on wheels with its magnetic exterior and the secretary at the centre. In keeping with the trusted Moormann ordering principle, everything has its place: from your pen to the books and the binders. Devices are charged; cables are hidden. A curtain can be added to the side, and the illumination the ceiling and work space adjusted to your personal preferences – for maximum atmosphere on minimum surface area. It’s about thinking big, outside the box.

Surfaces and materials are reduced to the basics: solid ash wood and light beige linoleum where hands and eyes rest or work in concentration; black surfaces and quiet restraint where nothing should distract you. Precise details for storing, cabling, and locking the fold-out mechanism convey integrity and guarantee self-assured performance on the executive level.

Photos ©Nils Holger Moormann









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