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Design icons with a new look and feel team up with unconventional new designs.

As part of Milan Design Week 2024, Richard Lampert will be presenting the legendary original and the new Eiermann 2 design, featuring new colors and materials. 
With the new table tops made of recyclable Textile Tabletop™ from the Kvadrat Really collection, Richard Lampert is sustainably developing their classic tables: the Stuttgart-based company is one of the first to implement this innovative material in their furniture.
Richard Lampert provides another new look and feel experience through their collaboration with Janua® / Edition Stefan Knopp®: the new solid wood panels emphasize the natural expression of wood as a material and feature a fascinating unique finish.
SALTO, created by German designer, Tilla Goldberg (Ippolito Fleitz Group), is both a tray and a storage accessory, a cheerful companion and a tactile material experience; it’s sustainable and 'Made in Germany'. This innovative add-on for for tidy work tables balances on the edge of the table/desk like a casual saddle bag, keeping its balance like a trapeze artist. The soft bag made of environmentally friendly, plant-based material will nonchalantly dock onto the architectural and minimalist Eiermann tables. This unique bag in the Miyake crinkle look is washable. And that’s exactly the intention: creasing, bulging and developing signs of wear.
Their latest project: a mirror that plays with perception and self-image. Appearing to be separated in the centre, the minimalist metal frame of OneTwo comprises two mirror surfaces on different levels – the upper part of the mirror is offset by a few centimetres. The effect: a play with space and reflection ensues. Intelligent and contemporary in many ways, this home accessory is easy and self-evident in its function, pure in its design and manufactured locally with minimal use of materials.

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