Chumbes Cylinder Cushion
Chumbes Cylinder Cushion

Chumbes Cylinder Cushion

Manufacturer Ames
Designer Mae Engelgeer

Inspired by the Chumbe Inga, a garment with traditional symbols, Mae Engelgeer created the Chumbes collection. The designer combines cotton and natural fibers with fine metallic yarns and joins them to form ribbed structures for the hand-woven cushions and layers. In a graphic composition, these form a unique pattern. Following a tradition deeply rooted in the Sibundoy region, the female artesanos weave the history of the country, experience, and knowledge into the Chumbe Inga using textile symbols. As individual as these is, each object in the series is also unique, testifying to a very individual design language. The cushions are available in two color variations and have different patterns on both sides.

The collection includes two different sizes and a cylindrical shape. The layers also have different patterns on the front and back and can be combined with the cushions in different colours.

L 23.6" x D 8.7"


Colors: lila/brick/gold/terra, moss green/light blue/silver/grass green

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